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Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student Awards

The Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Student Award Program of the College of Technology is an opportunity to showcase outstanding faculty and staff to the University and the business community.

Award Categories

  • Faculty Research Excellence
  • Faculty Teaching Excellence Tenure/Tenure Track
  • Faculty Service Excellence
  • Teaching Excellence Non-Tenure/Non-Tenure Track
  • Staff Excellence
  • Graduate Student Excellence

Submission Process for All Awards

  • Nominations and application packages MUST be submitted via the secure site for the Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student Awards. No physical/paper submissions will be accepted.
  • The application package must be complete. Incomplete packages will be eliminated from the selection process.

Selection Process for all Awards

  • It is the responsibility of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to notify faculty members of the due dates for the awards application package and ensure that the process is conducted in a fair and equitable manner.
  • Each year the awards must be announced to the faculty through email at least two weeks in advance of the due date of the application packages.
  • The award selection will take place during the spring semester of each academic year.
  • The DAC will review and select the awardees.
  • No member of the Dean’s Advisory Committee (DAC) may take part in voting for an award recipient if she or he is a candidate for that award. DAC members may be nominated for awards. However, they must recuse themselves from voting and another member of his/her Department must be selected to represent the Department during voting for the applicable award.
  • The Dean, Associate Dean(s), Assistant Dean(s), Managers, Directors, and Department Chairs are not eligible for these awards.

Presentation of Awards

The recipients of the awards will be recognized at the spring graduation reception.